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InfuLink®: A web-monitoring tool dedicated to sharing vital information about your patient’s care while receiving service with Home Solutions.

Easy to Use & Secure
- It’s free and easy to use
- Customizable functions by user
- One-on-one communication with the clinical team
- Email messaging available to patient, physicians, and clinicians
- Time and efficiency — real-time data access anytime/anywhere
- Encrypted Data is HIPAA compliant
- View your individual patient census
- Medical specialty resources available to access key forms, educational materials, and clinical tools
- Instant access to the most recent communication and intervention for patients
- Customized reporting
- Physician directed patient questionnaires for select therapies
- Patient can participate in their care and recovery
- Effectively monitor your patients at home at your convenience
- Patient interaction allows Home Solutions to be proactive in providing care; allowing for better compliance and reduction in hospital readmissions

For more information about InfuLink® 
or to schedule a live demo contact your local Home Solutions representative. Click Here

Review our InfuLink User License Agreement to ensure you agree to the rights and responsibilties.



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