Nutritional Support

Home Solutions’ Nutrition Support Program (NSP) is a comprehensive nutrition care program designed to identify patients at risk, provide nutrition assessment, improve the patient’s health within the comfort of their own home and avoid re-hospitalization.

The two most common treatments are Parenteral Nutrition (PN) and Enteral Nutrition. Once a physician has identified the need for nutrition support, Home Solutions’ specialized clinical team of registered dietitians, pharmacists and nurses effectively collaborate throughout the patient-care process to ensure that patients lead a fuller, healthier life.

Program Goals
Successful Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition requires evaluating the patient for therapy, coordinating their care for accurate follow-up and monitoring their clinical progress. Home Solutions’ team of physicians, dietitians, pharmacists and nurses work with patients and their practitioners to deliver outstanding clinical care.

Patient Care
Our clinical team fully encompasses all needs of the patient and caregiver.
- Insurance verification and assistance
- 24/7 clinical support
- Coordination of timely deliveries
- In-home training and education
- Travel support

Parenteral Nutrition (PN)
A customized formula that is developed to supply calories, fluids and nutrients to a patient that is unable to eat. The formula is carefully calculated to meet the specific needs of the individual. A catheter is placed in the patient’s vein to allow the PN to be infused through an ambulatory pump.

Home Solutions’ PN Program:
- Initial detailed assessment of patient’s current status, therapy goals and establish an accurate PN formula.
- Weekly patient screening to assess patient’s ongoing status.
- Quarterly assessments of patient’s current status and review of PN formula recommendations.
- Micro-nutrient test to determine the vitamin and mineral status for each patient.
- Metabolic Bone Disease Test  completed by Home Solutions’ dietitian to determine risk for this disease.
- Dietitian consultations as needed.

Enteral Nutrition
Patients that are unable to eat or drink the food that they need because of cancer, a stroke or surgery must be fed formula through a special feeding tube. Patients may be tube fed for nourishment for a few months or even years, depending upon the nature of the patient’s needs.

Home Solutions’ Enteral Nutrition Program:
- Initial patient screening to determine patient’s current status and therapy goals.
- Monthly screenings to assess current status and evaluate  patient progress

Nutrition services are appropriate for individuals with:
- Cancer
- Cardiovascular disease
- Cystic fibrosis
- Diabetes
- Gastrointestinal disorder
- High-risk pregnancy
- Pre and post organ transplants
- Renal disease

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